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Starting in 2017 Dr. Schroeder began offering a 3-D scanned scoliosis corrective brace for his adolescent scoliosis patient's that are looking a more corrective type of scoliosis brace.  There is a lot of different information that has been published over the last few decades with some studies showing an increase risk of surgery for adolescent's that choose bracing over no intervention.  In the 1990's and 2000's this lead to a reduce recommendation of orthopedic physician's recommending bracing as a treatment option.   

More recent literature specifically the BRAIST study,, shows that a corrective scoliosis brace worn for 20-23 hours per day dramatically reduces the risk for scoliosis surgery.  At United Health Chiropractic in Fargo we have combined our CLEAR Scoliosis exercises approach to work in tandem with an effective scoliosis brace to offer young people and their families the best opportunity for treatment success.  

We have chosen to work with a leading manufacturer of scoliosis bracing that is more comfortable, more form fitting and most importantly more corrective than many of the other bracing options available.  Scolicare,, gives us the best technology to take a 3-D scan of our patient and integrates that data with a complete x-ray series to create a corrective fitted scoliosis brace.  It is our desire that any young patient that has too go through the challenge of wearing a scoliosis brace should have  brace that fits them well and actually does what it is designed to do and to lead to correction of the scoliosis curve when worn.

If you are looking for a scoliosis brace for your son or daughter or want to see if the current bracing option is working, give our clinic a call and we will see if a scolicare brace is appropriate for you.  Corrective scoliosis braces can sometimes be appropriate for adult patient's with a progressive/degenerative scoliosis and can be worn for 8-12 hours per day.  

With passion for the scoliosis patient,

Dr. Ryan Schroeder

CLEAR Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Dr. Schroeder is a certified CLEAR Scoliosis Chiropractor.

Scoliosis: the abnormal  lateral curvature of the spine. In the CLEAR program scoliosis is reduced naturally leaving your entire body to function better. If you have been living with scoliosis or recently detected and looking for answers, we can help.

What to expect when visiting us:

Scoliosis is a complex condition. All scoliosis treatment programs begin with a comprehensive history review, scoliosis examination and X-rays. From this info Dr. Schroeder then will determine the best treatment plan to correct and reduce your scoliosis. You will find a bunch of scoliosis equipment that will be customized for your body. CLEAR treatment is a combination of in-office procedures and at-home care that keeps your spine healing between treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the CLEAR method help people with severe scoliosis?

A. CLEAR has achieved reductions even in Cobb angles over 100 degrees. However, reversing the course of any disease in its advanced stages is always more difficult, and scoliosis is no exception. Time lines for treatment vary from case to case and can only be determined after compete evaluation of each case.

Q. What is the Cobb Angle Measurement?

A. The severity of scoliosis is understood by measuring the amount of abnormal curve in the spine. The technique used to capture this measurement is referred to as the Cobb Angle Measurement. This measurement is achieved when lines are drawn across particular areas of the X ray to evaluate the curves in the spine.

Q. Will my curve get worse with age or after skeletal maturity?

A. For a long time, doctors told patients that their scoliosis would not progress after the age of 19. Unfortunately, further research has proven otherwise. Whether scoliosis develops earlier in life or in adulthood, it will most likely progress. As the curve worsens, the physical deformation, pain, and stress to the lungs and heart will also progress.

Q. When should I start scoliosis treatment?

A. At CLEAR Scoliosis Center, we find that the sooner a scoliosis can begin correction, the better the results will be. It is never too late to start and it is never to too early. Medical standards of care dictate “observation only” until a curve reaches 20-25 degrees. At 25 degrees, some form of bracing is typically recommended. If you have reached or are nearing a 40-50 degree curve, it is likely that surgery has been discussed with you and recommended. We do not believe in this.

Q. What are the effects of scoliosis?

A. Scoliosis is not always associated with pain, although it commonly may be. Even in patients without pain, heart and lung function is often compromised. Scoliosis can be associated with headaches, shortness of breath, digestive problems, chronic disease, and hip, knee and leg pain.

Q. Why do you recommend avoiding the spinal rod implantation surgery?

A. Scoliosis is a detrimental to the body because of the stress it places on the central never system, heart and lungs. Research has shown that the function of the heart and lungs is unchanged after spinal implantation surgery. The long-term effects of this procedure can actually be worse then the effects of living with untreated scoliosis. Spinal motion is essential for proper functioning of the spine and central nerve system, and surgery reduces the spinal ranges of motion, even in the unfused areas. Additionally many patients seek surgery for physical deformations of a “curved back” or “rib hump”, and spinal surgery will generally not correct either of these. 80% of patients that received surgery regret it.

Q. Will my insurance company pay for my care?

A. Many patients do have success in obtaining some insurance reimbursement. United Health Chiropractic accepts most insurance. We also offer Payment Plans if needed. 


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